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We are excited to be part of the new Lymm Community Garden at Lymm Sanctuary Hub and Business Centre. They have enabled us to find a place to put our tree and get the relevant permissions. Please help us fundraise for the costs of our tree, AND the new Community Garden. We have a sub …

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Lighting it up

28th November 2022 We have had a few discussions about the lighting.. We don’t have access to power, and part of the attraction of this to the community garden, which also involves Low Carbon Lymm and LEAF, was that it would use solar power. Facebook must have ‘heard’ this, as I was getting LOTS of …

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Concrete day

24th November 2022 After digging the hole, we still needed to wait for written permission for the concrete to go in, but finally the day arrived! Shoring has been added around the hole, to be removed when dried, to ensure neat edge. The tube for the scaffold pole to go into has had spokes welded …

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Meanwhile – the structure has been progressing

6th October – 21st October. Painting 9th -11th November 2022 The hoops have been finished by Paul at Gareth’s workshop. This involved machining the collars for the centre of each hoop that will be secured to the scaffold pole. From solid steel cylinder: Welding the hoops already made to the radials and the centre collars: …

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Hole digging

19th November 2022 We had a few delays getting going here. We are extremely grateful to Lymm Sanctuary Hub and Business Centre for including us in their plans for the Lymm Community Garden, and for obtaining the necessary approvals for this to go ahead. I marked out the hole for the base on Friday, ready …

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Fixing yarn to chicken wire

19th November 2022 We started by laying out chicken wire over the middle cone shape to work out how much was needed and how many strips of chicken wire needed to be joined together. Fortunately the cone shape fitted on just 2 widths of the chicken wire. We joined the strips together with wire ties, …

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Joining squares – the large cone in progress

Showing the strips and squares pinned together, and some of the variety in size of the squares. It is a good job yarn is quite ‘forgiving’. We came up with a term squish and stretch to make some fit together! Me messing about!

Joining squares – squares to strips to cones!

5th November 2022 So last time we met up we distributed the lovely squares between the 3 of us, making sure we all had a mixture of colours and designs, plain and fancy etc. For the lower 2 cones we had estimated strips of 7 squares, and for the top cone strips of around 9 …

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Creating the Crochet Cones

8th October 2022 I did the maths a while ago to go with the steel circle design. I just hope it is right!!! We met to lay out paper on the floor and create the circle sections required to make the cone shapes, so we know how to join the squares together. It was over …

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Support structure

29th September 2022 The structure is made up of different diameter 10mm steel circles around a scaffold pole. Essentially 3 cone / part cone shapes that the crocheted squares will go around, supported further on chicken wire. From 6 x 6m steel bars, cut, and put through a roller, and welded, to the hoops for …

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