Easter / Spring 2023

Look at some of the amazing contributions to our first Easter / Spring Tree. It all starts with the basic squares that are needed to create the base layers.

This is going to be another 3 layer 4m tall tree, with the bottom layer being linked to the village annual Duck Race, the middle layer being ‘Spring’ in general, and the top layer a flower cascade.

Blues and Ducks:

Greens and Spring things:

And we received so many amazing flowers. Attaching these to the net was a big task!

We had a bit more idea about construction this time, so distributed the squares between us, and joined them into strips of 7 or 8. We had a session to then lay these strips out on the paper cone templates. We took photos of the layouts and took them away to join fully. We then drew the layout and how many squares are required for the bottom and middle layers that we can use for future trees.

We then needed a further session to attach the appliques to the squares, where others came to help us.

Duck applique session

Flower layer unveil – Joanne had been busy working on this at home for weeks!! It’s amazing!

Then the attaching to chicken wire. Could we remember how we did it last time?

Construction day

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