Summer 2024 – Lymm Historic Transport Day and Lymm Rocks – Mr Men and Little Misses

We had wanted to tie in with Lymm Historic Transport Day since we first thought of having a permanent site for a tree. However, time is very tight yet again!! So this will be a smaller 2 layer tree like the Autumn one was. We have been asked to tie in with the Lymm Rocks theme for Lymm Festival so going for Mr Men and Little Misses for the second layer.

We are currently asking for 19cm x 19cm squares in acrylic DK in sky blue, canal ‘blue’, field green, and road grey for the transport layer, and light grey / silver for the Mr Men layer.

Appliques for transport should be around the same size as a square so that they are clearly visible, and all a similar scale. Mr Men/Little Misses should be around 15cm and can be part of a light grey square.

Watch this space for an update!

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